"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Maimonides (1138 – 1204)

The greatest satisfaction is to give a child the means to stand on their own feet and build their own future through education. With your heartfelt donation, you’ll provide an opportunity to these under-privileged children to break free from the vicious cycle of poverty.

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We have updated our sponsorship process. For the children’s protection, names and photographs will be withheld until sponsorship is confirmed, and will not be available for selection by the sponsor. For more information, please click on each of the categories above, or email us at admin@dawnforthepoor.org . Your feedback is valuable to us.

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We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with Paypal. Please select Direct Bank Transfer when making your donation. Bank details will be provided at the payment confirmation page for you to make a transfer via your preferred external app/website.

Your support provides your child and their community with life-changing opportunities like these


Our healthcare ministry cares for the children’s health, mental and spiritual development.


Support a youth and your contribution will help with school fees, books, stationaries, food and transportation


Once a week, children are required to attend Bible studies and meetings to receive their weekly allowance to prevent fund exploitation.

What will you get as a sponsor?

Track the progress of your sponsored child in the updated profile section. You will be notified by email about any updates.

Twice a year, each sponsor will receive updates

At the end of the school year the sponsor will receive an update on their sponsored child, with photographs.

Every December, sponsors will receive a "Thank You" Christmas Card.


How do I sponsor a youth?

Support a youth and your monthly contribution will help with school fees, books, stationery, food and transportation.

By supporting a youth for $10.00 a month, your donation will help to fund programs that benefit your youths like annual camps and weekly staff visitations.

Along the way, you can build relationships with your youth and their community through letters, videos, prayer, updates, encouragement, and more.

Donors who have the flexibility and resources can even arrange visits to see their sponsored youth.

Break the chain of poverty by supporting urban youth today and help them build a successful future.

What is Youth sponsorship / donation?

Our youth sponsorship program believes that through education, the chain of poverty will be broken. At BL, we make sure each sponsored youth is provided health checks by our own medical ministry workers throughout the year, and weekly meet-ups to ensure proper guidance and care is given.

Why sponsor a child through Bukang Liwayway?

We are a proven and successful foundation. Throughout the years, we have guided and watched many youths break free from poverty and become great contributors to society. Our approach is highly personal, and our love is what feeds us daily. We strive to develop each youth and equip them with the confidence, passion and desire to be greater. Visit our testimonial page for more inspiring stories of real people, don’t just take our words for it.

We always encourage donors to visit their sponsored youth by becoming missionaries themselves. You can choose to partake in one of our many youth programs, mobile clinics, orientation, youth camps and many more. We are accountable, reliable and transparent in all of our ministry work and volunteers.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

98% of your donation will be used for youth development and 2% is to provide for the field workers. We are a non-profit organization and rely on your kind support.

How long is my child sponsorship commitment?

You may continue sponsoring your child for as long as your child remains in the program and cancel your sponsorship at any time.

Will the child I sponsor be a Christian?

Not necessarily. The majority of the Filipino population are Christians. We take great care to show God’s love in culturally appropriate ways, and serve every child we can of any faith or none.