Bukang Liwayway envisions the facilitation of a holistic church multiplication movement among urban poor in Manila and beyond. We praise God for the many small groups and house churches being formed in all of our communities. We also praise God for many community leaders joining the church multiplication movement (CMM) among the urban poor. As we witness individuals receiving Christ, experiencing life transformation, and gathering together as small group communities, it is the taste of the Kingdom of God here on earth in the midst of the darkened urban poor life.

As the urgency of the Gospel continues, we see the need for these believers to catch the vision of reaching out to their families, friends and neighbors. Indeed the most effective witnesses to reach the poor are the poor themselves. Rather than attempting to build large places of worship which are unrealistic in an urban poor context,lay leaders must be mobilized to effectively reach the slums through the house church movement. In order to do this, there is a great need to train and equip these urban poor believers to be effective church planters.

The Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) in the Philippines provides training to some of our key leaders through a strategic “Jonathan Training Seminar” about church multiplication. In 2006, our ministry has started a contextualized Jonathan Training for the lay leaders of our urban poor communities, facilitated by urban poor leaders themselves who have attended the Jonathan Training of OMF. In the second semester of the year 2006, 75 current and potential leaders were trained in our communities to become house church planters in their own households and communities. We pray that this may only be the beginning of a continuous cycle of lay leaders being trained to be as light and salt unto their communities.