Yunik Krafts was started in 1998 to teach urban poor women to create quality cross-stitched book marks, greeting cards, framed art, recycled-material bags and soap as an income generating project. Today, the revamped YK Products makes trendy bags and silkscreened t-shirts with a focus on a younger market, using the graphic design talent and silkscreen skills of our urban young adults.

Aside from giving a small source of income to the workers of the community, Yunik’s income also heavily supports the educational assistance program of Bukang Liwayway. We also operate in genuine partnership with our communities to advance economic and social development, as well as personal empowerment.

Mindoro Island Soap

A women's cooperative making island fragrant body bar soap.

YK Products

Supporting at-risk youth through trendy bags and silkscreened t-shirts

Recycled Wallets & Purses

Supporting at risk youth through the sale of wallets, purses and handbags