Bukang Liwayway, BL encourages livelihood groups to form among those who attend their house churches as a means of discipleship to transform the people and their communities. The formation of registered cooperatives, is also encouraged, as these smaller groups grow in size and vision. BL provides training and accountability for pilot projects. Livelihood groups save a small amount on a regular basis; building trust and faithfulness within their group. To believe that their own efforts of faithful saving can altar their daily poverty is a transformation of thinking among the poor. It is contrary to ‘feeling’ poor, victimized or looking for handouts. Together their ‘little’ becomes effective.

Calapan City, on Mindoro Island has one such livelihood group. They have been saving regularly and learning the skills of soap-making. BL provided the training for the pilot project.

Purchasing this soap provides an income for this livelihood group. Together they are working toward these goals…..

sustainable, Christ-centred community development
confidence, hope and vision in their community

Product Description

This body bar has been formulated to provide a rich, creamy lather with all natural moisturizing properties. Each body bar contains natural moisturizing glycerin, produced from the homemade soap process. It is crafted using fresh coconut oils, native to Mindoro Island. Scented with a blend of sampugita, ylang ylang, and lavender oils.

Order Information

Body bar is packaged in soap box and sold in sets of 20 at 60 pesos / bar or 1,200 pesos. Orders need to be placed 2 weeks prior to date required to ensure on time delivery. Requests for overseas orders can be submitted to Lily – see her email below.

Lily’s email… besoro@hotmail.com or CELL – 09 157 133728