Covid Relief

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Updated: 18 April 2020

On March 13 2020, President Duterte declared a Luzon-wide lockdown to stop the spread of Covid-19. After more than a month, the lockdown is still in place, and may be extended. Where does this leave the poor, who live in slums, who are daily wage earners, and who have little chance of receiving healthcare?

Dawn for the Poor aims to raise PhP 1,600,000 for the relief of 800 families in our program. Thanks to our partners and supporters, we are in the midst of distributing the first wave of donations to all our areas.

We still lack PhP 114,464 to enable us to do a second round of distribution. Will you partner with us to provide for them?

Donations by bank transfer only--details provided on checkout. 

If you are residing in the Philippines and would like to get in touch with us regarding other means of help, write to us at 


Workers’ Support for Samar Team

JAMES, JESUSA AND JEROME are Bukang Liwayway’s very own missionaries to Samar, a rural province a world’s difference from Metro Manila. They serve in a church planted by OMF missionaries just two years ago.

Adopting the Samar way of life was challenging; the men collect water from the river fifteen minutes away, grocery trips are one and a half hour’s journey to the city, and phone signals are intermittent.  Despite the lifestyle overhaul, the trio has come to enjoy their simple Samar life. They plant their own vegetables, recharge by the seaside, and sleep early in unplugged tranquility.

James, the team leader, first felt called to pray for Samar six years ago after typhoon Yolanda. He brings his artistic twist to their ministry, letting kids paint all over his house floor, and making skateboards out of scrap materials.

Jesusa and Jerome had been praying about missions before their marriage. Having an active two-year-old did not deter them. Their son, Liyab, is strong and wiry, bouncing around barefoot like a local. “He has many homes in Samar,” they laugh.

Jesusa’s greatest inspirations were the missionaries who came to her hometown of Cogeo, Antipolo. She grew up as a scholar with Bukang Liwayway and became a certified preschool teacher. She now helps the kids’ ministry, especially in teaching the local leaders to make props and do syllabus-planning. She also handles communications and administration for the team.

The team shares a packed schedule. Apart from men’s meetings, trainings, youth groups, Sunday preaching, language lessons and outreach, Jerome leads a Saturday Zumba class for 15-20 mothers and children in the town plaza. The team also hosts an informal feeding program every Friday for about 20 kids.

Every day hungry children show up at their table, so they cook extra. Out of the little they have, they try to supplement students’ allowances by paying them to run small errands. Recently they blessed a mother with her first ever birthday cake. Being able to give joy to the people through simple things motivates the team to carry on despite their own difficulties.

Their remaining three months will be exciting. They brought guitars from Manila to start a music workshop, have plans for a youth retreat, hope to start a girls’ youth group, and will conduct more preaching training and a Couple’s Fellowship in February. They also must ensure that the locals are equipped enough to carry on their ministries in their absence.

We pray that our mission team will finish well—not just as salt and light in Samar, but also in the maturity of their faith in God and love for one another.

Support the Samar Team! Your contribution will go towards their living allowance and ministry funds. 

How to donate: 
Make a direct bank transfer to
BL- Dawn for the Poor Foundation Inc.
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank)
Account number: 347-3-34755656-5
Mobile number: +63 09293159564

Kindly e-mail us at with the transfer amount and transaction number when you have made your donation, and list "Support for Samar Team" as the subject title. 



Highschool Scholarship

Number of scholars currently without sponsors: 75 (as of January 2020)

Your donation will sponsor a child's allowance for transport and school supplies for one year. The recipients of your scholarship will be selected based on greatest need, and their profiles sent to you confidentially. Should you wish to choose a scholar from a specific area, or have any other requests, please email us at .

Cost: US$220/year

*5% of the total sponsorship fee will be subjected to administration cost.

For the children's protection, we will not be releasing names or photographs until your sponsorship is confirmed.


Not Available

Bukang Liwayway runs our own preschools in Marilao and Cogeo. These preschools provide a valuable platform to reach out to children and parents of the community.

Cost in US$: Pre-School **Class: $/year

** funds will be distributed throughout the class
**5% of the total sponsorship fee will be subjected to administration cost.


Printer repair

We need to repair a donated inkjet printer. This printer will be used for printing our own stickers, posters and packaging for livelihood sales, as well as to support our silkscreen production.


Support a Medical Student

For sustainability of the Medical program, we need more nurses, doctors, and pharmacists to be part of our team. By contributing to a medical student's scholarship, you can help us achieve independence by grooming future healthcare providers for BL.


Medical Support Fellowship (M.S.F.)

Philippines comes #11 in number of fatalities due to hypertension. Diabetes is the 4th most deadly disease, with 3.5 million cases in 2015. These 2 chronic diseases can cause other serious health issues, especially in urban poor communities. Besides a lack of knowledge about the disease, other risk factors such as diet, limited options for food, obesity, lack of physical activity, and smoking and drinking alcohol contribute to a higher prevalence of hypertension and diabetes. Even if they do receive local diagnosis and prescription of maintenance medication, compliance to medication is poor because of their financial situation and the inaccessibility of nearby health facilities. BL MSF, in partnership with Medical and Dental mission teams, came up with the idea of tracking and supporting people diagnosed with hypertension and type 2 Diabetes.