Food and Accomodation

We believe that attending camp helps youth to mature socially, emotionally, intellectually, morally and physically. For the past 20 years the Lord has been faithful to rise up new Christian leaders that will also encourage, equip and empower others to know Christ and make Him known in their own community.

BL Camps add a focus for the spiritual aspect of children and teens’ life. It encourages spiritual growth, seeks to help children and youth to strengthen and grow their character. We make Biblical values the foundation of all our programming.

Here are some benefits the children and youth will experience from attending BL Camps.

Holistic involvement – the spiritual, physical and sensory are activated uniquely and simultaneously in our wholesome, Bible-centered camping environment.

Growth Experiences – a healthy self- confidence, independence and desire for learning is fostered through new and challenging activities.

Relationship Building – opportunities to form new relationship with peers and staff while gaining understanding of the give and take community living.

Empowerment – every year we assigned new staff to be mentored by the old camp staff. In this way mentoring new generation of organizers will continue and many more leaders arise to acquire the skill of organizing that will be beneficial in their personal interest or in their church and community events.

Memory making – great memories are created from out of the ordinary experiences of weather, scenery, physical activities, success and failure, peer conversations, Bible studies and small group team building.

* 50 US$ is the support needed by each campers to be able to stay in a decent yet reasonable room of 8-12 persons.

* This amount includes meals that are prepared and cooked nutritiously and reasonably by our Camp volunteers.