Mrs. A from Antipolo

Mrs. A lives in Antipolo together with her husband and their 7 children. Two years ago, she underwent Tuberculosis Screening and it was found out that all the members of her family had also acquired the disease. They were immediately enrolled in BL’s TB DOTS Program. Their weak bodies needed proper nutrition so that Bukang Liwayway also supported their food allowance during the treatment process.

Every week, her family were encouraged to attend the Bible Study for the TB DOTS patients. Through this, they were able to receive God’s love and salvation.

Today, Mrs. A and her family are now cured of Tuberculosis. Mrs. A and her husband are now able to work and provide for their family. Praise the Lord!

Girlie Liwanag

Girlie, 43, came to know Christ when she was 25 years old. Ever since, she desired to reach out to the lost and needy. Through the Health Ministry, she is able to fulfill her passion to serve God by helping the sick.

One challenge that she had to face was when her son, James, acquired Tuberculosis and had to undergo treatment thru the BL TB DOTS. Despite their situation, she became more motivated to help and reach out to other people in her community who may also have acquired the disease. Most of all, she wanted to tell people about God as the Jehovah-Rapha.

Today, Girlie is leading the House Churches and Bible Studies for the TB patients in her community. Her son, James, has been cured of the disease and her family is passionately leading the ministries in their community. Praise the Lord!

Janice Saure and the Trece Martires Youth Leaders

During the first few years of her ministry at Trese Martires, Janice had a hard time adjusting to different members of the community especially with the Young People. It took great patience and many tears to understand and reach out to them.

But praise God for the fruits of her labor for the Lord. The little kids have grown up and they are now part of the core group that lead in reaching out to the community. Despite their own personal challenges in life, they have desired to serve the Lord and be a living testimony of God’s faithfulness in the community. Praise the Lord!

Picture: Janice (center, in red shirt) together with her mentees/Youth Leaders)

Napoleon Dictado

(1st, right side), suffered a heart stroke two years ago. But ever since he came to know the Lord through our Bible Studies, his health came back to normal. He is also able to send his 4 kids to school including Nathaniel, a Bukang Liwayway scholar.

Today, a weekly Sambahay (House Church) is being held at Napo’s house. He is always glad to welcome us that he always prepares food every time we meet. Pray that his family and those who join our House Church will continue to grow in their faith. Praise the Lord!

Zenaida Mia

Aida (1st, left side), became a member of the Pandacan Bible Study in 2004. Ever since she came to know the Lord, she committed herself to serving God through leading Bible Studies and serving the community. Also as a local leader, she has baptized 3 of her 4 children including Kate Ann (in the picture).

Today, Aida continues to serve the Lord by reaching out to other members of her family and the community of Pandacan. By God’s grace, she was able to help her 2 loving daughters (also local leaders), Kate Ann and Justine, finish their studies. They are now professionals in their own careers. Praise the Lord!

Harold Labajata

Harold became a scholar of Bukang Liwayway when he was in his 9th Grade. As an eldest child, he had to attend to his 5 siblings most of the time. He helped his family by selling garlic and other condiments at the market after school. For many years, he was envious of his friends who were already in the University and wearing bright uniforms. But becoming a scholar helped him to go to College and wear the uniform that he dreamed about.
Mentors in Bukang Liwayway discipled him to become a Youth Leader. Although being a student is not easy, God allowed him to serve and reach out to the community. And on April 20, 2017, the Lord made his dream come true. He graduated (Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management) and is now able to help his family through his first job as a Food Attendant in a 5-Star Hotel. Praise the Lord!

Iris Cristelle Destura

Iris became a Bukang Liwayway scholar when she was in High School. As a Youth Leader, she had a hard time managing her time between school and church ministries. But one of the biggest obstacle that she and her family had to face was when their house was destroyed by a huge fire. It was one of the lowest point in her life but it moved her to trust God even more.

After years of hard work and prayers, Iris was able to accomplish her dream of finishing her degree and was afterwards invited to be a part of her Alma Mater’s Teaching Staff. She is now a Professor at the Rizal Technological University and on top of this, she recently passed the Board Exam for Psychometricians. Praise the Lord!


Candice is 7 years old. She recently became ill and could hardly move and walk. When Paolo visited her family, it was found out that she was suffering from evil possession. Paolo prayed for Candice and her family. A day after, Candice can already walk and play.

The parents of Candice opened up their home for the studying of the Bible. But hindrances and the family’s deep devotion to their religion halted the ministry. Even though, we believe that the Lord will complete what He has started in the life of Candice and her family. Praise the Lord!

Prince Arlyn Catsesa

Prince became a Bukang Liwayway scholar when she was in her 5th Grade. Despite the difficulties and challenges, Prince kept on trusting in God’s promises. Even the fire that gutted their house did not dampen her spirit. And by God’s grace, she was able to finish her course (Bachelor of Science in Business Management) and is now a part of the Bukang Liwayway Sponsorship Team.

During a Sambahay Fellowship in Mandaluyong, Prince shared that because suffering is essential to our spiritual growth, we can also consider it a blessing. Praise the Lord!

Spencer Samson

Spencer is a funny guy. He loves to make his friends laugh through his funny stories. But inside the heart of this young man with a jolly reputation are heartaches and brokenness. Laughter was always his way to hide the multitude of problems. The difficult journey, including fighting Tuberculosis, encouraged him to put his faith in God and turn his experience into a testimony.

Spencer found God’s calling and has desired to serve the Lord. He is currently studying at the Philippine Missionary Institute and is helping Bukang Liwayway in mentoring and empowering the Youth Leaders in Trese Martires. Spencer has found true joy and peace in serving God. Praise the Lord!

Ladi Ann Lacson

Ladi was a Bukang Liwayway scholar from Calapan. Raised in a poor family, she studied hard and was able to finish her course (Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education – English Major) on March 2011. She currently works as a High School Teacher at Jose Fabella Memorial School.

Her recent Mission Trip in Myanmar became more of a blessing to her than she had been to the people of Yangon. The richness of Myanmar’s culture and it’s bondage from the devil’s yoke challenged her to pray even more and reach out to the poorest among the poor in Asia. Praise the Lord!

Mary Rose Nadal

Memey is the eldest child in a family of 7. Her parents separated when she was in High School. Helping her Mom (whose leg was amputated due to diabetes) raise her siblings became a challenge and motivation for her to study hard and achieve her dreams.

Ever since she received Jesus Christ in her heart, she has volunteered to be a part of the Antipolo Ministry Team and was assigned as the Youth Ministry Coordinator. And on December 2017, she was able to finish her College Course (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Human Resource Development and Management) and is now working in an Advertising Company. Praise the Lord!

Rassel Carmona

Rassel is a recipient of Bukang Liwayway’s Project 200. Through scholarship support, this project aims to help families who were affected by the huge fire in Welfareville. After the devastation, Rassel and his 11 siblings, together with their father (a carpenter) and mother (a housewife), stayed at the evacuation site.

Today, Rassel regularly attends the weekly Bible Study for the scholars. He considers his family as his first ministry but he also commits himself to being a good student and scholar. His family has moved to their new home and he is grateful for God’s love and His provision. Praise the Lord!

Rassel, 3rd from right, attends the Bible Study

Thelma Cantilleps

Thelma is a product of constant and fervent prayers. She is the sister of Pastor Fred Dungganon and a disciple of Liza de Guzman. They are grateful for the Lord’s working in Thelma’s life ever since she decided to obey God. Her desire in sharing the love of God has been evident to her family and the community.

Today, Thelma is one of Bukang Liwayway’s Livelihood volunteer worker in Mandaluyong. She dedicates her time in helping not only the BL Livelihood Ministry but also the Mandaluyong Ministry as a whole. Praise the Lord!

Picture: Thelma with Pastor Fred

Mharibel Sibal

Growing up in a poor family was a huge challenge to young Mhabel. She worked to support her family by engaging in different jobs. She worked as a tour guide, saleslady, and restaurant crew. To add to their misery was her jobless mother, her jailed father, and the huge fire that destroyed their community.

When Mhabel came to receive Jesus Christ during a Bukang Liwayway Youth Camp, she committed to teaching the little kids about Jesus Christ and volunteered to be a part of Mandaluyong Youth Ministry. And last year, she graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Tourism. Mhabel now works as a Bank Teller and is able to support her family. Praise the Lord!

Ralph Matthew Castillo

Ralph dreamed to be an Engineer ever since he was a kid. Raised by her single Mom, they lived in a community beside the seashores of Calapan. He came to know Jesus Christ through the Scholars Bible Study. He grew up desiring to serve God and became a part of the Calapan Ministry as a Youth Leader.

With God’s help, Ralph graduated and was able to pursue his dream by passing the Civil Engineer Licensure Exam. Ralph, our former BL scholar, is now an Engineer! His achievements are all from God’s amazing grace. Praise the Lord!

Allanis Aguila

Nine (Ni-né) is not a Bukang Liwayway scholar. Even though, she loves to volunteer in teaching other kids about Jesus Christ. She learned about God’s salvation during a DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School) in Cogeo. Nine finds time teaching other kids in a space in front of her relative’s house near their home.

Nine dreams about her family serving God and breaking out of poverty. She wants to serve God someday by being a beautiful and God-fearing flight attendant. Praise the Lord!